Stories by Michele Pollock Dalton

Narrated by Rick Barr

Book 1

Love, Leigh

Broken and beaten, Leigh Piper flees with nothing but the clothes on her back - only to find herself overwhelmed once again by circumstances beyond her control. Can a wounded soul find hope in spite of the heartache?

Book 2

Suddenly Serene

Stacy Whitaker's life has been shaken to the core by an unexpected break-up; and, her determined nature can only fathom one solution for her pain. Is peace possible in the face of such despair?

Book 3

Sufficient Supply

Unemployed Peter Whitaker is stymied by the looming meltdown of everything he worked his life to build. Are there any possibilities for provision with the world teetering on the verge of financial disaster?

Book 4

Good God

Mounting troubles, highlighted by family difficulties, plague Ruth Merry; and, the situation is only compounded when her prodigal son is arrested. Will multiple hardships topple Ruth's trust in the goodness of a matchless God?

Book 5

Joyous Noelle

Precocious preschooler Noelle Piper has never known anything but instability and fear. With danger lurking, can Noelle and her mother discover the true spirit of Christmas or will destructive forces trample their joy?

Book 6

Forever Faithful

Isolated and alone, Charlie Merry faces the most difficult season of his life as health challenges imprison him at a rehabilitative center. How can he possibly survive the profound loneliness of enforced confinement?